Past Labor Press Award Recipients


The MLP Award is presented yearly to someone who has provided outstanding support of labor communications: or who has voiced the labor viewpoint or a significant labor truth.  The nominees can be from the general public, union movement.

1991        Frank Garrison, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO
1992        Fred Parks, Executive Director of the M.C.O.-SEIU
1993        Mike Handley, Assistant to the V.P. CWA District Four
1994        Aldo Vagnozzi, Detroit Labor News
1995        Owen Bieber, President UAW
1996        Nancy Brigham, UAW LUPA
1997        Elise Bryant, University of Michigan Labor Studies
1998        Dick Zmyslony, USWA
1999        Stan Drewno, UAW Local 387 Editor Emeritus
2000        Jeff Rechenbach, Vice President CWA District Four
2001        David Elsila, UAW Solidarity
2002        Jon Ogar, former AFL-CIO director of Communications
2003        Susan Watson,
2004        Lasker Smith, Region 1A, Retirees
2005        Phil Helms, Editor AFSCME Council 25 Newsletter
2006        Len Ballosh                 UAW 467
                 Tom Carlton                CWA 4013
                 Richard McInerney     USWA 12934
2007        Ed Plotzke,
2008        Jennifer John, Solidarity Magazine
2009        Richard Leebove, President RL Communications
2010        Linda Culpepper, MCO
2011        George Waldman, Photographer
2012        Phil Thompson, Executive VP, SEIU 517M
2013        Steve Nobles, District Council 3 Graphic Communications
                Ed Wendover
2014       Gerald Kariem – UAW Region 1D Director 
2015        James Coleman, USW New Media
2016       Mark Gaffney – AFL-CIO
2017       Bradley L. Thompson II – Inland Press
2018       Tim Hughes